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Analysis Standard Sample Category
21 elements in lube oil, ICP Mod. ASTM D-5185 Oil Elements
4-FBA i mud filtrate - Water Organic
4-FBA in formation water On house Water Organic
7-ion, Na,Ca,Mg,Ba,Fe,Sr,K On house Water Elements
Acid number of petroleum products, TAN, titration Intern metode Oil Physical properties
Alkalinity of water, titration til pH 2,5 NS 4754 Water Ions
Alkalinity of water, titration until pH 4,5 Mod. NS 4754/ NS-EN ISO 9963-1 Water Physical properties
Alkalinity of water, titration until pH 4,5 NS-EN ISO 9963-1/NS 4754 Water Ions
Amines in water, GC On house Water Organic
Ammonium in water On house Water Ions
Analysis not performed ASTM D 6481 Oil Elements
Asbestos in construction material, XRD and microscopy On house Solids Minerals
Asphaltenes in crude, unpurified/purified Mod. IP 143 Oil Organic
Bacteria count, total in water NS-EN ISO 6222 Water Bacteria
Barkman Davison Slope, filtration On house Water Physical properties
Base number of petroleum products, TBN, titration Mod. ASTM D-2896 Oil Physical properties
Bisulphite in water, test kit On house Water Ions
Boiling point curve crude oil/ condensate up to 375?C, distillation Mod.ASTM D-2892 Oil Organic
Boiling point curve, reduced pressure ASTM D-1160 Oil Physical properties
Boilingpoint curve for petroleumsproduct, simple distillation ASTM D86 Oil Organic
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